Grange Hill, the school we all wanted to attend!


One of the chapters I’ve been working on recently is about going to school in the Eighties. if you were anything like me, you couldn’t wait to get out of your real school, and rush home to watch Grange Hill, the school we all wanted to attend! Whether it was the characters we loved to hate, like the menacing “Gripper” Stebson, or the ones we just loved (Tommy Watson, with his blond, bowl haircut and big blue eyes, held a special place in my heart!), these were virtual fellow pupils, with whom we shared the ups and downs of adoloescence. So, where are they now they are in their forties and beyond?

Anyone who has been watching the recent series of “Dancing On Ice” cannot fail to have noticed what Todd Carty (“Tucker” Jenkins), with his Norman Wisdom-like performances has been doing, but what about the rest of the cast? Well, Mark Savage (Gripper) continues to act, as does Paul McCarthy (Tommy), who also provides vocals for his band, Smashing Time. Erkan Mustafa (Roland Browning) is currently presenting and interviewing on ME1 TV, and Terry Sue-Patt (Benny Green) is busy producing some rather impressive artwork. The photo below shows me and Terry with the piece I now own, one of his self-portraits as his Grange Hill persona.

Terry, Benny and I!

Terry, as Benny Green,  appeared in one of my favourite Grange Hill moments. Left unsupervised, he and Tucker decide to race on wooden benches in the school swimming pool. Not only was it hilarious to watch, it looked like great fun to film!

Let me know who were your favourite Grange Hill characters, and what were the most memorable episodes for you.

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