Facebooking Up To The Future


Despite its shortcomings (don’t get me started, I’ve not got my soapbox handy!), one thing I do love about the internet is how small it can make the big, wide world. Throw social media sites into the mix, and you have communication possibilities most of us could have never even imagined during the Eighties. Add a touch of serendipity, and you’re in  a  coffee shop, meeting an old school friend you haven’t seen for 25 years…

When I uploaded a couple of old, group photos, I had no idea it would bring an old school friend back into my life. Yet yesterday saw the two of us catching up on each other’s lives, and chatting as if the last two and a half decades had never happened.Our teenage years were made up of a series of events which may have held no real significance at the time, but are now remembered with huge affection. Our first hangovers, a school trip to London which we took as an opportunity to go celebrity spotting (Judith Chalmers and Tommy Boyd!), a road trip to Wales in my old Austin Allegro, the list goes on. Life may have taken us on different paths, although there were also some uncanny similarities, but we have now found ourselves living a few miles apart. So when we hugged goodbye, I knew it wouldn’t be long before we meet up again. In fact, I’ve got to go now because I’ve just had a message come through from her on Facebook!

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