Sweet Memories


With my kids’ remaining Easter eggs temptingly whispering “eat me” every time I enter the living room, it is hardly surprising that my  thoughts have centred around chocolate in the last few days. One of the reasons their stash has managed to stay in tact is that none of it is my favourite dark chocolate. Another reason is that the Cadbury’s chocolate (the only milk chocolate I do like) they have just doesn’t taste the same any more. This started me thinking about the goodies I used to love as a kid, which are no longer with us.

The most lamented chocolate bar of my past has got to be the Texan Bar. Their advertising slogan may well have been “a man’s gotta chew what a man’s gotta chew”, but that didn’t deter us girls from chomping our way through these delicious bars. The tougher ones amongst us would put our Texan Bars in the fridge, which, although it gave us the benefit of the bars lasting longer, also meant we ran the risk of extracting our own teeth in the process! I obviously liked to live life on the edge, as another of my favourites were Toffos – the original ones though, none of the flavoured types that followed. Again, the fridge improved and prolonged the enjoyment of these treats. Which reminds me, who remembers Treets? They were a crispy shell and chocolate (a bit like Minstrels) with either toffee (pale blue packet) or peanut (yellow packet) in the middle. Unsurprisingly, I loved the toffee ones, but I couldn’t stand the peanut ones. They were almost as bad as the peanut Revels you used to get. I don’t think you can get peanut Revels any more, but I stopped buying Revels when they withdrew the coconut ones, so can’t be certain. The withdrawal of the coconut Revel, in favour of the coffee one (which tastes like no coffee I’ve ever tasted) meant the odds of me finding one I liked were too greatly diminished to run the risk of an encounter with the vile orange ones – chocolate Russian roulette!

Although increasingly hard to find, one of my favourite chocolate bars from childhood is still with us, the dark chocolate Bounty bar. They may no longer come with the waxed, black cardboard tray of yore, and they are almost certainly smaller (as are Mars bars, Milky Ways, Wagon Wheels, etc.), but they are hanging on in there. I have my campaign ready, should the red wrapper Bounty show signs of disappearing. We’ve already lost one coconut chocolate bar, the Cabana (although not quite as nice as Bounty, due to it only being available in milk chocolate, the Cabana had the added bonus of cherry pieces in the coconut filling), and can ill afford to lose another. The Wispa bar was retrieved from the jaws of oblivion, so I’m just erring on the side of caution before matters get that far.

So, whilst I consider my possible vocation as a chocolate revolutionary, lest my favourite chocolate bar go the way of the Golden Cup, take a moment to remember your favourite sweet treats of the past. I would love to know what they were…


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