Drowning In Berlin – The Mobiles


For the next few weeks, whilst I write to meet an ever-looming deadline, the narrative in my blog posts will be minimal. However, this does give me the opportunity to share some of my favourite, and sometimes more obscure, songs from the Eighties. I begin this week with a track from The Mobiles, who grabbed my interest early in 1982 simply because they hailed from Eastbourne, my father’s home town! “Drowning in Berlin” soon became a firm favourite of mine, through its own merits,  and I am transported back to my final winter at primary school whenever I hear it.

2 thoughts on “Drowning In Berlin – The Mobiles

  1. Richard M White

    On his second Top 40 show on 17 Jan 1982, Tommy Vance revealed it was song written around a romantic disappointment that happened the previous summer to the lead singer Anna-Maria. He also said while on TOTP, all boys were blond and Anna-Maria, has got black hair, when in fact all l the boys had black hair while she was a natural blonde. And in a later show, Vance said the spoken bit was “are you alone in Berlin” in German.

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