Arc Of A Diver – Steve Winwood


August 1988 saw me on a fortnight’s family holiday in the former Yugoslavia, on the island of Brač. This was at a time before tourism had really taken a hold of the island, and the stock on shop shelves tended to be rather sparse. Bizarrely, in the middle of one of these barren shops, I found a small selection of audio cassettes. Once I had rooted out all the ones with obscure covers written in Cyrillic script, I came across three little gems: Simply Red’s “Men and Women”, The Pretenders’ “The Singles” and Steve Winwood’s “Chronicles”. I bought the three cassettes for pence (well, a few dinar!), and those albums became the soundtrack of my holiday. Although I still love all three albums, it is Steve Winwood’s “Arc Of A Diver” that remains my favourite track from them. Not only is it instant sunshine whenever I hear this song (something I dearly need as we enter October), but Winwood’s vocals are nothing short of perfect.





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