‘Tis The Season To De-Stress, Not Distress.


In the frantic blur that is the countdown to Christmas, it can be all too easy to forget to enjoy the festive season. With cards to write, presents to wrap, and a seemingly endless list of festive chores to tackle, taking time out to enjoy what is happening in the moment can feel like an ill-afforded luxury. Then, amongst the tangled tinsel and Christmas chaos, something happens to stop you in your tracks, and before you know it, you’re transported back to a time when Christmas was more than just one big “To Do” list to be completed before the big day.

My moment of clarity came as Culture Club’s “Victims” began to play on the radio. Without warning, I suddenly found myself not only remembering Christmas 1983, but feeling as I did then – excited and happy, not frazzled and stressed. As Boy George advised us to “push aside those who whisper never”, I recalled the steely determination the lyric instilled in me three decades ago, when individuality could be hard to carry, in a society where the emphasis was to conform. Such depth of thought took me by surprise, but made me recognise the insignificance of today’s seasonal errands, and the futility of agonising over such matters.

So, this year the cards may be sent out later than usual, the presents wrapped less neatly, and (horror of horrors!) I may even forget something. What I won’t forget is to enjoy Christmas. I’ll start now by sharing the inspiration for my newly-found serenity…

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