My 80’s Non-Stop Oldies


Recently, I was part of a discussion about radio stations playing 80’s music (quelle surprise!). The conversation soon got round to Sara Cox’s “Sounds of The 80s” show, which airs on Radio 2 every Saturday evening. I was reminded of the show’s launch, back in October 2013.

Ahead of the show’s debut, I was asked to prepare a playlist of my favourite Eighties’ tracks, to be played on Steve Wright’s show, during the Non-Stop Oldies feature, the day before Sara’s first show. I was to choose at least 15 tracks, although less than half of the songs would be played in the half hour time slot – oh, the pressure!

Days of deliberation resulted in a playlist I loved, and which I felt best encompassed my favourite decade – a delicate mix of pop, excess, camp and class! On the day of the show, I eagerly awaited to hear which of my tracks had been chosen. I wasn’t disappointed. It was fantastic to hear some of my favourite 80’s music being played again on national radio. A couple of tracks were omitted, which I would have liked to have heard: The Kane Gang’s “Closest Thing To Heaven” and Big Sound Authority’s “This House”, but I still enjoyed the selection. For anyone who missed it first time round, I have finally managed to upload a recording I made of the broadcast:

Apologies for the abrupt beginning and ending – my editing skills remain firmly in the Eighties, taping off the radio with my cassette recorder!

My 80’s Non-Stop Oldies:

Party Fears Two – Associates

War Baby – Tom Robinson

Come Dancing – The Kinks

My Favourite Waste of Time – Owen Paul

New England – Kirsty MacColl

Calling Your Name – Marilyn

The Bitterest Pill – The Jam


3 thoughts on “My 80’s Non-Stop Oldies

  1. Jeff

    Good selection there, a reasonably wide range of styles. I have to confess if I was to compile an 80s mix it’d be heavily weighted to the early 80s, and to electro and synth pop. I seem unable to convince myself that the second half of the decade actually WAS the 80s! But I suppose everyone’s take is different, and my memories of the decade are particular to me : )

    • Thanks Jeff. Yes, the early Eighties were my favourite too – before SAW attempted chart domination! Ultravox are one of my favourite bands, and I did include their epic masterpiece “Visions In Blue” in my choices. It didn’t make it to air though.

  2. Mikey Burnsey

    Just wondering if my beloved Bum Bags are coming back into fashion? I nearly bought one today. I hope TisWas, A Team , Give me P Bob GOD I LOVE THE 80s .

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