Step Into Christmas 80’s Style


Think back to the countdown to  Christmas during the Eighties. A time when the idea of seeing Christmas cards in the shops before we had celebrated Harvest Festival at school was preposterous, and when we were still excited at the Big Day’s arrival, untouched by the three months of festive fatigue we’re likely to endure today. Even when we opened the first doors of our pictorial advent calendars (no chocolates behind the doors for us 80’s kids), Christmas still seemed like an unreachable distant promise.

For me, I always began to feel that Christmas was on its way once today had passed.  December 10th is my brother’s birthday – Happy Birthday Vince! – and 001as soon as we celebrated that, we were only ever a week or so away before the schools closed for the Christmas holidays, and the real fun started.

The week before Christmas would pass in a flurry of activity, visiting relatives and stocking up on food we would never eat at any other time of the year, like orange and lemon jelly slices and boxes of Eat Me dates. Not to mention the ritual of circling our favourite programmes in the Christmas editions of the TV and Radio Times.

My column for this week’s Canterbury Times gives more reasons why an 80’s Christmas was best. Let me know what you loved about Christmas in the Eighties…

3 thoughts on “Step Into Christmas 80’s Style

  1. Radio Times, Two Ronnies Christmas special, best festive songs ever, Ceefax advent calendar – the list goes on! My best year ever was 84 – will never forget rushing to get Band Aid in the first day of release, or queuing for Ghostbusters. Wonderful memories….

  2. 4ever_eighties

    I still marvel at What Are We Gonna Get For Er Indoors? by Dennis Waterman & George Cole. It’s as clever and as skilfully done as any rap by Jay Z or Eminem. They went on the Russell Harty show (fun pop at Harty in the lyrics) and Harty himself was well sniffy and catty, along the lines of ‘the lyrics change every time they perform that!’, but that they were doing it live every time was fantastic. For me, its up there as one of the very best Christmas records ever.

    Arfur v Delboy was the Spandau v Duran of the TV world, and OFAH had the better Christmas specials, but they never got on Top of the Pops!

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