Marriage In The Summer of ’69


This weekend sees my parents celebrating 45 years of marriage, an achievement for any generation, an almost incomprehensible concept to grasp for a significant number of my own generation. I wholeheartedly include myself in this statement, having only ever endured a paltry five years of marriage (which was probably 1,824 days too long!).

To commemorate this occasion, I wanted to write something about their life together, which is two thirds of their lifetimes. Imagine, being with someone for twice as long as the time you spent from birth to the end of singledom – scary! However, both my parents are very private people, and would hate for me to write anything more specific than I have. So, I will mark their anniversary with a song which has made me think of them, since it was first released in June, 1985. Here, especially for Mum and Dad, is Bryan Adams with “Summer of ’69” (watch out for a very young Lysette Anthony in the video).