A Wonderful Talent, Taken Too Soon


Yesterday it was announced that Colin Vearncombe, a.k.a. Black, lost his fight for life. Following a “serious car accident” on 12th January, the singer was placed in an induced coma two days later. I was one of his many fans willing him well, even when it was announced that his chances of pulling through were slim, due to substantial brain injuries. Knowing the critical state he had been in did little to lessen the shock of hearing of his death. My knee-jerk reaction was to play his “Wonderful Life” LP, an album that was frequently played on my turntable during my first year of Sixth Form.


Although the title track and “Sweetest Smile” are the songs for which Colin is best known, the whole album is a gorgeous mix of recordings which showcase the Liverpudlian’s song writing skills and his incredible vocal range. Last night, as I listened again to the soundtrack of a transitional period in my life, I was reminded of how beautiful “I Just Grew Tired” sounds. I also felt a sadness listening to the lyrics which, in view of the day’s developments, had taken on a whole new dimension.

A wonderful talent, taken too soon. Rest in peace.