A Good Excuse For A Bit Of Declan MacManus


This Saturday, I am travelling to Birmingham for a Forgotten 80s “Face Tweet”, a meeting of some of the listeners to Matthew Rudd’s Sunday evening Absolute 80s show, who use Facebook and Twitter to comment throughout the broadcast. I look forward to finally meeting some of the Forgotten 80s Twitterati with whom I share my Sunday evenings, as well as other fans of the show.

The format of the two hour extravaganza of 80’s tunes allows listeners to request Top 40 tracks from the decade, which do not get as much airplay as they should (or shouldn’t, depending on your taste in music). Some of my fellow Twitterati have made excellent choices, and had numerous requests played (yes, Alan Read I mean you!), so I do not tend to make many requests. However, here is one track I suggested which has so far escaped Mr Rudd’s playlist. Enjoy…

Born To Run – Frankie Goes To Hollywood


BBC Music recently announced the results of their “Greatest Covers” poll, the winner of which was Pet Shop Boys’ “Always On My Mind”. The usual suspects, such as Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” and Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” were featured towards the top of the list of 50, with tracks like the rather superb “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” by Urge Overkill edging into the bottom half of the list.

Although the list was an unusual mix of predictability and surprises (I never realised Elvis Costello’s “Good Year For The Roses” was a cover), there was one glaring omission. That was one of my favourite covers, Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Born To Run”, from their “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” album. Not only does the track perfectly capture the raw energy and attitude of the band, Holly Johnson actually sings the lyrics rather than slurring and mumbling his way through the song (cue the Springsteen fans’ complaints!).

I am sure many of you will look at the list, only to find your own favourite cover is missing:


Let me know which tracks you think should have been included. In the meantime, to show how a cover should be done, here is the best version of “Born To Run”…