Great Scott, We’re At The Future!


On what has become known as Back To The Future Day, my social media has been awash with images of hoverboards, flux capacitators and Delorean cars, as people pay homage to today’s date, the film’s “future”. Watching the film as a teenager, that date seemed an incomprehensible lifetime away. Strange then that 21st October 1985 now seems like only yesterday.

I never need much persuasion to pop back to my favourite decade (unfortunately not physically, like Marty McFly), and, having seen others’ posts about what they were doing 30 years ago today, I felt compelled to follow suit. Out came my 1985 diary again.

Me in 1985

Me in 1985

Now, regular readers of my blog may recall my disappointment when I read my entry for 13th July 1985, and discovered the “day that rocked the world” had barely made a tremor in my scribblings. So, I had braced myself for the dullness of the lines I had written three decades ago today:

“Fairly boring day at school today. Have just seen the last in the series of “Adrian Mole”. Should be in bed by 10.00.”

I know I was only 14 at the time, but my memory of that year is of a much more exciting time than boring school days and TV programmes. My entry for the next day restored my faith in my powers of recollection:

“Didn’t go to school today. Went shopping with Mum. I bought some more Christmas presents. We saw Jools Holland drive past us when we were standing outside the Post Office.”

In case you are wondering, it was not unusual to see the former member of Squeeze on a visit to his fellow presenter of The Tube, Paula Yates, who happened to live in the same town as me ( and yes, I do still start buying Christmas presents this early!)

That was more like the 1985 I remember. What was your 1985 like?